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Travelling museum in Paris is an exotic trip in the history of art in the world, grows and history. Here're some of the above museums in Paris that France can not afford to miss: Louvre, Paris This famous museum of art in the world of Paris contains the treasures of art in the world, including the famous Mona Lisa by Da Vinci Leonardo. The seven departments here offer old Egyptian, Greek, Roman art from Africa, Asia and even a section turned on the history of medieval Louvre. Musa e d'Orsay, Paris This museum of fine art of nineteenth century contains a stunning collection of French art objects. The collection includes paintings, furniture, photography and sculpture that date between1848 and1914, as well as major Impressionist masterpieces. Rodin Museum, Paris Contained in a palace deprived of the eighteenth century, the museum boasts a collection of works by French sculptor Auguste Rodin, including the gates of hell, thinker and lots more. Musa and national Picasso (National Museum) by Picasso, Paris This national museum dedicated to legendary modern artist, Pablo Picasso and contains his sculptures, drawings, ceramics and even poetry. You can also see here some work by Cezanne and Matisse. Georges Pompidou centre (centre) of Georges Pompidou, Paris This site contains the national museum of modern art in France, Muse and The National d'Art Moderne.There is also a big Bibliothè; information and the publication of that a public library extensive here. Les Invalides, Paris This large area full of museums and monuments dedicated to the French military history. Burials some of the heroes of the war in France in Les Invalides. There is a chapel here showcasing Baroque architecture as well as a French military hospital. Carnavalet, to extend by two sixteenth-century mansions, the collections here are devoted to the history of Paris, including its art and culture. Cluny, Paris A beautiful example of the fifteenth century architecture, the collection includes the armor here, and the mirror ivories dating from the Renaissance and medieval ages. Cite des sciences de l'Industrie, for this is one of the world's largest museums dedicated to science. The building of the museum is a fascinating example of modern architecture. Thus, having a ball explore the fascinating museums in Paris!

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